A New Breed of Lenses

In early 2017, we began assembling an ambassador team of both professional and recreational fishermen from all over the country to begin testing a wide range of lens prospects for the WaterLand optics line. No body of water, no weather condition, and no fishing application was left unturned.

Our mission was clear: we wanted to give you the capability to see underwater objects without noticing the water. We wanted a contrast so defined that every detail and action of a fish swimming over a bed beneath a downed tree could be seen. In the end, we formulated HueView, a lens technology optimized to create the cleanest and most crisp vision throughout the water column.


Hueview™ Lens Colors

Blue Mirror

These lenses work best in bright, sunny conditions on the open water. Glares are minimized so that you can quickly see underwater stumps, grass edges, structure changes, and bait flickers.

Green Mirror

High contrast lenses are extremely important for sight fishing flats and shorelines. The green mirror overlaid on a copper base lets you visualize objects throughout the entire water column, especially in sunny conditions. Detect fishing line movement, discover beds, and see the subtle water swirls that will catch you more fish.

Silver Mirror

Silver mirror lenses are your best all-purpose choice for everyday sunny and cloudy conditions. They are designed for the lifestyle angler who wants to wear them on and off the water.

TR-90 Frames

All of our WaterLand frames are made from advanced TR-90 Nylon material, a thermoplastic polymer known for its long term resistance to breaking, cracking, and wear, especially in extreme temperature conditions. It is lightweight and flexible, making it the optimal frame material for all day comfort on the water.