The Debate.

Polycarbonate lenses scratch, glass lenses are heavy. WaterLand’s HueView™ and Mineral Glass technology have addressed these issues and have found an impressive solution. Our featherweight HueView™ polycarbonate lenses are 2X more scratch resistant than the competition, providing superior quality and longer lasting poly lenses. Our Mineral Glass lenses are some of the lightest glass lenses on the market, allowing unmatched clarity and all day comfort. See the technology below.

HyperHue™ Lenses Available

HueView™ Lenses Available

Mineral Glass Lenses Available


All of our WaterLand frames are made from advanced TR-90 Nylon material, a thermoplastic polymer is known for its long-term resistance to breaking, cracking, and wear, especially in extreme temperature conditions. It is lightweight and flexible, making it the optimal frame material for all day comfort on the water.