Sun Mask - Ripple

Sun Mask - Ripple

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The all new WaterLand Sun Mask is designed to protect you from the Sun's harmful UV rays, while incorporating the versatility to be worn the way you like. Made from a unique lightweight polyester, the WaterLand Sun Mask will keep you cool, comfortable,  and protected.  Engineered for comfort and practicality, this mask delivers a snug fit that not only provides a breathable, weather-protective seal, it also prevents the unwanted movement from sliding, unlike other masks on the market. Whether you're on the water, in the blind, or anything else that has you exposed to elements of the sun, this mask has you covered. The WaterLand Sun Mask has the quality, comfort, and stylish look you'd expect from WaterLand Fishing.

Protection from the Elements.


  • Material: 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Fit: Lightweight compression-style tapered fit, conforming snug to head  

    Premium Quality. Always.

    Built for the lifestyle angler. Built to last.

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